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Web Design

Attractive Design

The look of your website reflects as much on your business as the content does. eSlice build professional looking websites that will enhance the image of your business. We ensure that every aspect of the site is consistent with the image you want to project to your customers. We can work with your existing company livery or design it for you.

eSlice are experts in intuitive websites that convert more visitors into customers. A properly structured and presented website ensures that customers can find what they want quickly.

Accessible Content

eSlice ensure the maximum reach of your website by building accessible websites. Accessible Web Design is about making sure that websites are usable by everyone. The Disability Discrimination Act makes it a legal requirement to ensure that websites are usable by disabled users. However, accessible websites also open your content up to the ever growing numbers of mobile web users. Accessible websites can also be better read by search engines, improving the quality and quantity of search traffic to your website.

Affordable Websites

At eSlice we offer all the services you need for your website at a competative rate. We start every project by discussing what you need and we price our work before you are committed to any cost. Our basic design fee includes many of the essential services that other companies charge separately for. Submission to the most popular search engines and search engine optimisation are included in the design.

For those who will regularly change content we can set up a range of self-publishing mechanisms. Controling your own content reduces ongoing costs and lets you make instant changes to your website when it suits you.

eSlice build websites ready for future expansion. We adopt a modular approach so you can amend and extend your website without having to scrap anything you've already paid for. We can help you gradually grow your website as and when your business needs it.