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Identify Potential

How can technology help?

Technology has great potential to improve the way you do business but it can also be a substantial investment not just in cost, but in time and training. Your organisation needs to know that it will see sufficient benefit to justify any investment.

eSlice's consultancy services can identify the areas that technology could best be used to help your organisation to meet its challenges. Whether you want an analysis of all your business operations or you have a single business imperative in one division eSlice know the options available to you. By quantifying not just the cost but also the expected benefits eSlice help you to make informed technology investment for your organisation. eSlice empower you to make the right decisions by giving you the right information in a language that makes sense to you.

Solution Design

What does the best solution look like?

eSlice can bridge the gap between a real world problem and the technical solution. eSlice understand how to break your business goals down into the component parts that a computer can work with, and how to build the appropriate technology around these building blocks into the solution you need.

We design solutions with scalability and flexibility in mind to ensure that as your organisation and its customer base grows, your IT can follow it without costly redesigns. We understand the complexities of system security and how to ensure you keep your customers data secure. We can ensure you stay on the right side of legislation covering online services and managing personal data.

Procurement Analysis

How can I get the best value for money?

eSlice can act as independent advisors to your IT procurement. IT procurement represents a considerable investment in time, money and business risk. eSlice can ensure you get the best value for money from your IT contracts.

When you employ eSlice to guide your organisation we focus on the benefits your business needs. We believe that business should lead technology not the other way round. eSlice deliver reports in plain English that your business can use to make informed decisions on how to get the best from technology with the minimum risk. We can take the gamble out of investing in IT by giving you cost benefit analyses and showing how best to start, maintain and grow your business using IT.