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Online Shops

eSlice are experts in building attractive, intuitive online shops. eSlice can get your business online, selling directly to customers all over the world. eSlice make it easy for your customers to buy your products. eSlice use only payment handling services that customers will recognise and trust to ensure high user confidence in the transaction and your site.

eSlice can also build easy to use administration pages so you can add, remove or amend the products you offer. This reduces ongoing costs for your online shop and allows your business to react instantly to your customers' changing needs.

Web Communities

eSlice build the highly cost effective commuication channels your business needs to converse with its customers. Whether you want more effective feedback channels from your customers, to create a community around your products and services or to give your staff the ability to communicate better with customers eSlice can help. eSlice know how best to leverage the Internet to faciliate the converstations you need. eSlice can design, build and manage the online forums, wikis, blogs and other communications tools your business needs. eSlice know how to create the best online communication channels to give you the dialogue you want with your customers.

Custom Applications

eSlice have years of experience in developing custom online applications. If you want to do business in an innovative way then eSlice can help. eSlice can make your idea into a reality setting you apart from the competition and giving you the competitive advantage.

eSlice has an extensive back catalogue of bespoke developments. We can call on elements from an array of previous developments for our clients. By building on our previous successes we minimise development time. The reuse of existing proven elements in our developments also reduces the risk to budget and timescales.  eSlice get your idea to market quickly and reliably.